EA-1500VS Burglary Safe

Prime Safe EA-1500VS Electronic Lock + Breathing Light Fingerprint Lock (3C certificated)

Use laser cutting, integrated forming, extra-thick steel, better anti-tamper, and anti-theft function

Breathing light fingerprint lock    Password + fingerprint, Dual lock & dual control integration


Patented whirlwind lock

*All pictures are for reference only, the size and weight may differ by ±5%


Prime Safe EA-1500VS

  • Breathing light fingerprint lock
  • Multiple sizes to choose
  • Dual lock and dual control integration
  • High-quality low-carbon alloy steel materials
  • Precision steel plate
  • Patented whirlwind lock buckle (available for EA-450VS and above models)
  • Double alarm
  • Hidden drawer compartment (available for EA-600VS and above models)

Colour: Morocco Brown


Shelf x 2

Drawer x 1

Size Outside Inside  Weight
H W D H W D 269 KG
1500 660 560 1470 620 480